Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Witches, and Prophecies? That sounds like the inner workings of a childs whimsical imagination, but in this case, a power-hungry leader named Macbeth creates theses illusions through the use of his overwhelming imagination. In the dramatic play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Macbeth’s imagination consumes him and causes him to perform horrible crimes in order to become successful. Witches visit Macbeth in the woods and they communicated a prophecy to him. The prophecy they give to him indicated great power in Macbeth’s future. At first Macbeth is sceptical, but then more and more he starts to believe in his own imagination. Through the influence of the witches and the prophecies on Macbeth’s decisions, it is clear that it is Macbeth’s imagination that victimises and destroys himself.
The prophecies contributed to the justification to Macbeth 's dreadful crimes to himself. His memory of the crimes he commits cause him to not be able to focus on anything else. His mind is in a trap which creates a division between the real world and his imagination. In order to keep himself from going crazy, he turns to his vivid imagine to resolve his pain and in doing this he blocks out the real world. He uses the prophecy as simply an excuse in order to gain power. He also creates the witches in his mind in order to justify to himself why he would commit these awful crimes in a desperate search for power. The witches, give Macbeth prophecies that justify what his mind needs in order…

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