Macbeth By William Shakespeare : The Role Of Gender And Power

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In shakespear play, gendre roles arent what we are used to, its disuruption is presented through Lady Mcbeth 's being the dominate role in Macbeth 's marriage, even though Macbeth is a brave general but his wife seems to control him either by crafty manipulation or by direct order. It seems unlikely that Macbeth would have committed Duncan murder without his wife’s powerful taunts and persuasions. So she control him and influence him in a bad way, she rules her husband and judges his actions by questioning his manhood, she pushes him to kill duncan, takes on masculin characteristics and ask the spirits to unsex her. In Shakespeare play: Macbeth, the theme of gender and power is shown threw the ambition, pour and control. Lady Macbeth pushes her husband into killing Duncan the king, by questioning his manhood, but this proves that she has the strenght, and that the power of control can take over anyone, man or women. Lady Macbeth has the ability to read, during the 1600s women were unable to read. It all stareted when she read the letter that Macdeth sent her a letter that state his promotion as Thane Of Cawdor and explain his confrontation with the witches, telling her that he might be the future king. Her power is that she is able to read which sets her appart from the other women and her power continues to grow as her ambitions grows. After that she questions Macbeth 's ability to take such a position as a king saying he lacks "Wickedness", she shows his political…

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