Lyndon Johnson And The Vietnam War : Nature Conservancy Essay

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Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War: Nature Conservancy Magazine 1963 symbolized tremendous change throughout America. This is the year in which the acting President, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. As a rule, the Vice President would assume the role as President, should the President be incapable of performing Presidential duties. So, Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President at the time, presumed office. As soon as Johnson took on the primary role of President of the United States, he immediately got to work. In 1965, he passed the Highway Beautification Act, which was originally Lady Johnson’s campaign desiring to plant flowers in cities and to remove billboards and junkyards from American highways (Johnson). In America, President Johnson and his wife were attempting to “beautify” nature; however, contrastingly, in Vietnam, Johnson was responsible for the outright destruction of nature. Following Johnson’s authorization of the Highway Beautification Act, he delivered a speech that would later contradict his actions. In the speech, he expressed that nature is the “source of America’s greatness” and elaborated on his desires to make nature alluring again. The American people perceived Johnson as striving to make nature thrive again with the Highway Beautification Act, but in Vietnam, he is allowed the usage of nearly “20 million gallons of herbicides” to diminish the trees (Rohn). Johnson declared that “Beauty belongs to all the people. And so as long as I am president, what…

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