Lyndon B. Johnson 's Exposure Essay

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Lyndon B. Johnson 's exposure to poverty and his participation in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, motivated Johnson’s successful war on poverty with his medicare and food stamp programs. There’s no doubt that Johnson has always been striving for change. As a young man, all the way until his presidency, he would make the effort to contribute to society for the better, even if that contribution was small. During Johnson’s presidency, he would wage a war on poverty to combat the poor living situations he once experienced in which he would build a better economic future for the country by implementing many economic government aid for the citizens of the United States. It was because of Johnson’s exposure to struggle and poverty while growing up in Hill Country, Texas, he started his fight against these poor living situations. After growing up in the hard country life with his parents, Johnson found motivation from his father to pursue politics, going out to better the living conditions he once experienced. Johnson soon moved out from his hometown immediately after high school, working hard to kickstart his political career in college. Soon coming back to Texas to start small in bettering America, first passionately working as a teacher in Welhausen Elementary as both a teacher and principal, said to be “a blessing from a clear sky”(Pg. 10). This was one of his most influential moments in Johnson 's life that scared the harsh reality of poverty into his heart. Years later,…

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