Lyme Disease Public Education Plan Essay

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Lyme Disease Public Education Plan

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Lyme disease can be a very serious disease if not treated early enough. The most important way to keep from getting the disease is prevention. Education is the key to prevention. The only way to contract the disease is to be bitten by a tick that is carrying the bacteria Borrelia Burgoloferi. By educating the public on the facts of the disease and how it is transmitted will greatly lower the number of cases each year.

Facts on Lyme disease: Outbreaks: First outbreak 1975
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In New York, May is the Lyme awareness month. This is also the month that the new campaign to raise awareness of Lyme disease was launched ( Another big moment in Lyme disease was when the Connecticut Attorney General called for the reassessment of the guidelines for how the physicians where testing and treating Lyme disease of which are now published and can be viewed at this website: Treatment is another research topic. There is currently no vaccine available for the disease; however, there are drugs available to get rid of the disease if you contract it. There are some common symptoms of the disease to look out for if you ever get bite by a tick. They include a red rash that is usually seen in seventy five percent of people with the disease. Some may begin to notice neurological abnormalities that happen in about fifteen percent of people. The big side effect of the disease is arthritis. About sixty percent of people affected will develop this and will continue to have reoccurring symptoms for several years. The government seems to be doing a lot for the research and development of the disease. Like anything, there could be some improvements. The disease is only in a portion of the country; however, I feel that everyone should have some knowledge of Lyme disease.

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