Lupe Essay

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Chapter I

Problem and its Settings

Title : The Dilemma’s of Lupe: Seaman’s Wife


Being a seafarer is such a lonely profession. This implies if your perception towards the career is forlorn. The seafarer’s are finding recreations for them to surpass the loneliness they feel while they are onboard. They find ways to entertain themselves. How about the families they left home? Their wives, who handle their families while they are onboard?

There are several descriptions of being a seafarer’s wife. According to Lloyds List Tribute, when they unveil the seafarer’s wives monument in Greece, “The face of the seafarer’s wife reveals courage, fortitude and determination, all of which she will need
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Their case study was a partial requirement for their research subject and it was entitled, “The Loneliness of the Spouses of the Seafarers Working Abroad” which focused on the feelings of the spouses when their husbands were onboard. After their enormous effort to complete their research, they concluded that from their findings, being away from their husbands was the reason why their respondents suffer loneliness. Another reason why the spouses suffered loneliness was because they were always thinking of their husbands safety. They would only have a relief after knowing that their husbands were all right. To cope up with the loneliness, they recommended that the wives must attend or participate in the programs/activities of their husbands manning agency/company like tree planting, parties and out-of-town vacations. The researchers also found this internet article (My Life at on how seafarer’s wife misses her husband. How she misses waking up with her husband on her side, how she misses his kisses, their exchanging of I love yous and many more. That article can awake the minds of seafarers who are having an intuition that their wives are being unfaithful to them or vice versa.

Statement of the problem:

The purpose of this study is to determine the different dilemmas of being a

seafarer’s wife.

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