Essay about Lung Cancer : The Most Common Type Of Cancer

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Lung Cancer
Cancer, including lung cancer, can strike at any moment, no matter your lifestyle choices. Because of this, lung cancer is considered to be the second most common type of cancer among men and women worldwide. It is also most often present as an aggressive cancer which causes it to have a mortality rate of 86 percent (“Lung cancer, small cell.”). This is why men and women alike should be extremely cautious about what they surround themselves with. Even if you have never picked up a cigarette in your life, you can still develop lung cancer because of the environment and the choices of the people in which you surround yourself with.
There are many commonly known causes of lung cancer. Among these are the more common, smoking, radon, asbestos, and the less commonly known, genetics. The most commonly known reason for developing lung cancer, smoking, causes a whopping 87% of all reports of lung cancer (“Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell.”). When it comes to cigarettes and cigarette smoke, you do not have to be the one physically holding the cigarette in order to be affected by the smoke. Just being in the presence of second hand smoke can also cause you to develop lung cancer. This is why people, especially parents, need to be careful about where they smoke and who is around. It is not fair for innocent children and or infants to be affected by this awful illness later on in life because a parent did not think it was important enough to keep carcinogens from…

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