Luke's Personal Ethics And Ethical Action

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Golden Rule
Using the Golden rule to determine the most ethical action, one must consider how they would like to be treated in the situation and act accordingly. Luke must view this decision from both his brothers and employer’s perspective of how he would want to be treated in their relation to his actions. Putting himself in Owen’s shoes he must think out how he would feel, and his reaction to either being told or not, to determine which action he should take. On first impression it would seem being told is the preferred option. However, upon consideration of the effects it would have on the one telling the question starts to become a little more difficult to answer. Would he really rather be told if that meant they may lose their job? On the other hand, not being told could cause serious tension and possible separation between the brothers. Is it therefore better to be told and know your family is willing to put you first rather than feeling betrayed by them knowing they are more concerned with self-interest than sticking by family?
Luke must also
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If he tells Owen, he must consider why he is doing so. Is it to protect his brother and make sure he puts family above all else? Is he doing it to spite his employer by letting out confidential information? Or is he doing it simply because he cannot keep a secret? These are some of the questions, about his moral and ethical reasoning, that should be consider before determining if telling is the ethical choice. Conversely, if he does not tell, he must consider similar questions, but from the opposite perspective. Would he be choosing not to tell his brother out of spite? Is he keeping it confidential because that was part of his contract with the company and he will not go back on his word? Or is he not telling because he is too afraid of what might happen to him and his career if he

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