Loyalty Is The Driving Force Behind Friendship, Inspiration, And Encouragement

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When your well-being gets put into question, how are you supposed to make a choice between standing with someone you value, or leaving them to fend for themselves? I had no idea, until one night after a late food-run with my friends, my good friend Courtney was approached by a man who began yelling at her and taking steps toward her, acting as if he was going to hurt her. That night, I decided that loyalty was more important than knowing that I was completely out of harm’s way. That night, I decided that staying with my friend when she was going through something difficult was worth more to me than being able to avoid the situation altogether. That night taught me that loyalty is the driving force behind friendship, inspiration, and encouragement. Growing up as what you could call a “church kid” taught me more than I can explain about what it means to be loyal. Not only was I loyal in a way that meant being in the sanctuary of the Sand Springs United Methodist Church every Sunday morning at eight-thirty, but I was also encouraged to be loyal because that’s what we are called to do in life as Christians. We are called to be loyal to God, loyal to the church, and loyal to others. Bible verse after bible verse was ingrained into my head as I grew up, but one that has always stood out to me is Matthew 13:21 (NLT), when it says “But since they don 't have deep roots, they don 't last long. They fall away as soon as they have problems or are persecuted”. This has always been what…

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