Essay on Loyalty Is The Best Gadget Every Group Needs

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Loyalty is the best gizmo every group needs. When you are loyal people respect you more, people trust you more and usually, you will be more popular amongst your peers, family and friends. The groups that are going to be compared and contrasted are Stand by Me and ISIS. Stand by Me is a move that has a situation of four boys trying to find a dead body. The boy’s names are; Gordie, Vern, Chris, and Teddy. They wanted to find the body so they could get credit. They did not take the credit because they felt that it was a callow. ISIS is a big group of people that have been killing mass groups of people like; big buildings, movie theaters and schools. For ISIS I used the article called Meet the American Vigilantes Who Are Fighting ISIS.
Stand by Me is a novel released in 1986 and then they made a move the same year. It is about Gordie, Vern, Chris, and Teddy goes on a walk to find a dead body that was hit by a train. There were some other boys that were older than them and they wanted to find the dead body so they would be on TV or the radio. So Gordie, Vern, Chris, and Teddy got there first and then the older boys got there almost right after them. They both wanted the credit of finding the boy, they wanted to be on the news and be the heroes that found him. They were going to call the cops, but then they did not want to. The older boys got there and were trying to get them to leave, but they were not going to so the “leader” of the older kids pulled out a knife and said he…

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