What Is Truman Capote's Personal Opinion Of In Cold Blood

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The Lovely Bones; the first murder novel I ever opened. The gruesome story hooked my attention immediately. I could not look at people the same. After that story, I have always had a strange passion for investigating murders and crimes; hence why, when I was given the novel In Cold Blood, I was nothing but excited. Truman Capote, the author and investigator of the Clutter family murder, is an outstanding novelist. He spent hours interviewing suspects and local townspeople trying to piece together this nasty event, but as any person, he left parts out of the story.

In the novel, Capote portrayed KBI Assistant Nye as a minor character. Investigators are discovering that Capote’s personal opinion was not reliable. In 2012 Gary McAvoy,
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The cemetery scene with Detective Dewey and Susan never happened. According to Capote after Perry was hanged Dewey needed relief. Dewey states that he remembers going to the cemetery and running into Susan Kidwell who was there visiting Nancy’s gravestone. They had a short conversation about where Susan and Bobby were now, and the story ended. In real life his conversation never happened; Capote added this to have some form of conclusion to story. Recently members from the Holcomb community gathered to dedicate a memorial to the Clutters. Residents exclaimed that they wished that In Cold Blood was never published. CBS News reporters interviewed Shirley Clutter, father - in - law of Herbert Clutter 's brother, who stated that the book was too painful to read. Shirley also explained that the small portion she did read should never have been published into a book. CBS also interviewed Irsik who grew up on the Clutter farm. He was fifteen when the murders happened. He, his brother and dad were milking the cows when the Clutters were shot. Irsik told reporters that his family went inside to separate the milk and did not notice anything that happened to the Clutters. They were too focused on finishing the chores to go hunting. He also stated the murders has consumed his mental stability his entire life. Not much has been spoken of after the execution of Dick and Perry, but what Capote ended with surely did not

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