Love Songs Give Us Insight Into The Broader Nature Of Love Essay examples

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Love songs give us insight into the broader nature of love. Each song painting a particular picture about what it’s like to be in love or what it’s like to try to understand love,through the language of touch and time. Feeling the norms that underlie romantic love is like stepping onto a dance floor where love’s reality is socially defined and found amid the noise and haste. As the insider develops an individually sentimental rhythm of love as a dance, the lack of intersubjectivity leaves the emotionally deaf outsider unable to create a shared context, and thus, presumes love to be crazy. In this way love songs are personal and can only be understood by one’s own definition of the physical, perceptual, and behavioral symptoms of what love should look and feel like.
The desire to touch and stand in close proximity to a lover is potent in the development of interpersonal relationships. In this way comparing love to dancing, breaks both dialect and language barriers between two people to demonstrate a universal sense of acknowledgement. (Lecture: 9/29/15). The lyrics “Dizzy On The Comedown” by Turnover for example, portray how detachment from one’s dance partner is impossible because one must constantly be in step with their partner and read how they’re moving. Even in the parts where only one partner is moving, the mere sense of touch is enough to provide an internal experience that is happening over and over again to no avail.
I 'm still here right beside you
Hold my hand,…

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