`` Love Medicine `` By Louise Erdrich Essay

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In every story you read or hear about have these elements; the setting, plot, literal devices and its theme throughout stories to make a story come into depth to the audience. These elements allow the audience to connect in a real-life situations which generate the potential in the short stories. Louise Erdrich’s “Love Medicine” is a fantastic piece that represents a story analysis work in the culture of writing. Erdrich short stories are based on encouraging women to remain strong with their identity to reflect and acknowledge the power they have. Many stories always carry many themes for example, “Love Medicine” the short story refers back to women’s rights movement and its critical role it played through the nineteenth century. A well story portrays elements like setting, theme, literal devices, and character that impact the story to make a story come alive.
First, Erdrich portrays her story throughout the element theme is evident to further stress the short stories during the time period. During this time period, women didn’t have a voice the author recognizes as he refers to an as a metaphor of her title of her book “Love Medicine” which conveys the love between two people as a couple. Meaning what they have to go through ups and downs including incredible pain and heartaches that come with being in love. Many can infer that according to the short story information, life is a cycle that happens over and over. Even after death, the results of the story have no end to…

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