Defining Rape Analysis

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Love is an essential part of life; people both crave love and can’t live without. It is sad that sex and intimacy is crucial when it comes to love and there are horrific acts such as rape forever scaring people who have to endure it. The psychological and physical pain is unimaginable. There is an average of 240 rapes per day and 32,000 pregnancies each year reported from victims. The human capacity of love and physical intimacy can in some cases become so corrupt as to produce it’s opposite side in forms of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, but while reading this chapter it was still hard to truly understand how there are so many accounts of rape each day. I always thought of rape as some disturbed stranger overpowering or threatening …show more content…
Aside from the stereotypical depiction of rape being seen as a man hiding in a bush awaiting the moment where a woman walks by or following their victim into the dark, empty car parking lot at night. I say this because I’ve seen cases where college students have sex with an intoxicated girl and think she is capable of proper consent or men thinking the way women dress provokes rape and is an open invitation. So, a clear-cut definition and emphasis on rape and consent is crucial. This also led me to the cultural aspect of sexual coercion in Fraternities. The book talks a little bit about the history of frats, alcohol, drugs, and sex. I was glad the author included this because of the importance on college campuses to implement safely, but I also favored how he included fraternities are trying to make changes to improve safety measures. I see both first hand from being a college student and attending frat parties. I do notice a unbelievable amount of intoxicated young females taken advantage of still, but I don’t neglect the fact that fraternities now lock all bedroom doors during parties and have security guards to make sure no one is allowed in the bedrooms. I may be only witnessing a small step to a safer party environment, but I think it’s a good thing. Rape is focused directly to fraternities in the same way rape is always directed towards …show more content…
Yes. Sex can be perpetrated against either sex, by either sex. Men typically are the perpetrators and facts provide evidence that more men do commit these crimes, but I always wondered why this was. The book is very informative and explains it’s not simply because men have a more active sex drive and there is much more to it. I also never really considered men hold on to a sense of shame and stigma when being rape and this might be why they report their cases less often. Regardless, men raping women and vise versa is equally as important and needs to be recognized. Rape is always a tough subject to learn about to me because it’s hard to imagine someone inflicting such emotional and physical pain upon another human being. This chapter was informative and explained the true definition of sexual crimes, marital rape, fraternities in reference to this topic, and men and women both being victims. Although rape may be an uncomfortable topic, it is one everybody needs to be well educated

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