Love And Pain Free Life

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I actually found this assignment extremely difficult. Not in a way that it was hard to produce answers or explain reasoning, but in a way that putting these quotes in order of an opinionated significance. I often find it hard to read many meaningful things and try to decide which one I think has the most meaning. I read these quotes, for what felt like, a hundred times, and put them in an order that is subject to change in time.

Quote 6: “Miracle” is a word we tend to throw around a little more then we probably should. I find myself using it often, but I think God is going to let happen what is best. Sometimes I use the word miracle, but I need to stop and remember who is in control, and it’s no miracle that things happen, it’s the work of
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It is something that is going to happen no matter what and we have a chance of facing it every single day. Wanting to live seems like something everybody has in mind, but pain and suffering causes the opposite effect for some people. Support and love and pain free lives is what we seek, and then we will want to live. It is very important that we support and become a resource to those we love and those around us. People in pain, seek out love, but when it is not there, they do not want to live. Too often loneliness and pain are the cause of suicide and people wanting to end their lives. I think being there and loving on people is so important and vital in the world we live …show more content…
“The way a family functions, is that we weigh the interest of individual members against the interest of the family as a whole. It’s always a balance. … It seems to me, when serious injury strikes that model of family goes out the window. Now to be sure, the person with the serious illness, because of their vulnerability, their interests ought to be weighted more heavily than normal. But it’s not clear to me that their interests ought to be the trump card, automatically. I think there are times when the costs to the family, are so significant, that it would be a virtuous thing for the person to stop treatments because it’s wiping out the family. – 53:08 –

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