Character Analysis: Love And Other Foreign Words

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In Erin McCahan’s book Love and Other Foreign Words, sixteen year old, gifted Josie tells about her trials in trying to understand love and it’s nature in all relationships.
Josie’s sudden urge to comprehend being in love was triggered whenever her older sister Kate gets engaged to the intolerable Geoff. She automatically could not stand him because he was just as witty as she was. In attempt to start to understand love, Josie agreed to go to Prom with her former friend Stephan Knot which ended soon after discussing the situation with her close friends and neighbors Sophie and Stu. Josie and Stephan had conflicting schedules which caused them to not be able to see each other outside of school.Josie then after prom went on a brief vacation
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Josie in complete shock couldn’t understand why he would even date them if he didn’t feel the same about them, which after that moment Stu explained that they weren’t the right one for him and kissed Josie. She didn’t know how to react so she ran across the street to her house and went straight to bed. The next day she tried to act like things between the two of them were fine but it was too awkward for her. She ended up deciding that she didn’t want to lose Stu as her best friend and told Stu she couldn’t do that. Stu got really upset and said that if she didn’t want to be with him like that then he couldn’t even be her …show more content…
Josie caved into her Kate wanting her to get contacts and her appearance just to please her for the wedding. Josie also forces herself to love so she can say that she feels the same as all her friends and family do. When she was with Stefan I think she realized that she was doing that so she got herself out of the relationship as fast as she could. She also had a moment where she thought that was happening with Stu, but decided she was just overthinking and ended up being happy with him.
I feel like this book had a good moral but it took way too long for me to actually get interested in reading it. For more than half the book it just seemed to drag out the fact that Josie hung out with her friends, went to school, and argued with her sister about the wedding. It didn’t seem like hardly anything happened up until Josie got the contacts and caused the conflict with her sister and from there the book quickly spiraled. Josie also grew as a person throughout the book. She went from being a girl who didn’t understand or care to understand anything about being in love to trying find the best possible relationship to be in love in. I think that it’s great that she did but I didn’t like the fact that she did it because everyone else around her was. Overall I loved this book but I wish that the rising action would have happened a lot sooner than it

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