Essay on Louisiana Purchase And The United States

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Louisiana Purchase
International relations is driven by many things with those things being theories, these theories then for the international events that in turn formed the modern state system that is in place today. The Louisiana Purchase was an even that occurred mainly between France and The United States with some relations with Spain. The Louisiana Purchase and the realist point of view it was completed from was one of the many events that helped formed today’s modern state system.
The Louisiana Purchase was a deal between France and The United States that led to the exchange of a large portion of land in the Western hemisphere. France explored the land around the Mississippi River and settled in many different places around the region at the beginning of the 17th century. Towards the middle of the 18th century France gave the land west of the Mississippi to Spain during the French and Indian War of 1756 through 1763. The next year France gave the remainder of it’s land in North America to Great Britain. Spain later allied it’s self with France in 1796 and signed a treaty in 1801 that returned the Louisiana Territory the French. Americans worried about the power France now had over the port in New Orleans and the Mississippi River because they had previously had a treaty with Spain for free use of the river and it’s ports.
Thomas Jefferson, The United State’s president at this time, sent the Secretary of State James Madison to France to fix this issue with the U.S.…

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