Louis Armstrong : A Lasting Effect On The Entertainment Industry

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Louis Armstrong used jazz to change the music world and left a lasting effect on the entertainment industry. Armstrong was born in New Orleans to fifteen year old Mary Ann and twenty year old Willie. His whole life, Armstrong identified his birthday as July 4, 1900. It is now know his actual birth date was August 4, 1901. Armstrong’s young parents were not ready for a child so Josephine, Willie’s mother, raised him until he was five. Over those five years, Armstrong did not see much of his parents. He returned to visit his mother when she was very sick. He stayed to help take care of her at her bedside. That was when he found out that his parents had separated, but were still living together. For the next six years, he lived with his mom and a younger sister in a two-room house. May-Ann had various boyfriends that lived with the family for different periods of time. Armstrong’s family was poor, but he had all he needed: music. He thrived in the atmosphere that surrounded him, but that often led to his getting in trouble around town. Armstrong and his friends often skipped school to follow parades and sing with a quartet. On one occasion, Armstrong was arrested for firing a gun in public. He spent eighteen months in a home for boys. During that time, Armstrong learned how to play the cornet. By the time he got out, he was impressing people with his skill. Armstrong’s mother had always encouraged him to continue playing the cornet because she could tell how much he loved…

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