Loreno: A Short Story

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The story that follows is red with the crimson life of so many humans long held in the arms of death. It is black with the evil of one inhuman man. And it is white with the purity of a soul untainted by evil or blood. This is Loreno’s story.

The darkness enveloped him as he stepped out of the tall, regal office building. It was a late day at the office. He could never tell his wife why he was late. That would never do. No. She would have to remain in the dark.
The man started to walk to his car when his phone rang. He stopped and dropped his head back to stare at the sky. No stars were visible and the moon had gone into hiding. Nature itself attempted to hide his evil deed. But it could not stop the inquisition of a wife.
He reached into his pocket and without looking at the caller-id, he answered.
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He could act a little, did it in High School. That was how he met his wife. And it made lying that much easier.
Shut up and don't talk.” The voice was not feminine. It was masculine in every sense of the word. Rough and deep with a biting edge that made him flinch. “You have less than 5 minutes to confess what you did. I have a high caliber rifle with its crosshairs hovering right over your head. And I never miss.”
“Confess what?” The man's voice went from exhausted to terrified at the sound on the other end of the line. His mind was racing and his heart was pounding. Adrenaline had not kicked in. He might be out of the precious hormone.
“Your sin.” The voice went quiet when it finished speaking. No breathing.

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