Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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Recently terror has shaken the world in Paris on November 13, 2015. Mass shootings and suicide bombings all happened nearby within a matter of a short time killing many. This tragedy has confirmed the harsh truth in which life without punishments reveals a wicked side within people. William Golding, in his novel, Lord of the Flies emphasizes the evils people hold and how one will act when people don’t stick to the status quo. Several flaws lie within, including the evils of brutality and maliciousness which can be overpowering and chaotic. Human nature is illustrated when put in unfamiliar situations where people can only target each other.
Exposure to living where there are no rules, nobody to learn from, and no society to shape a person leads to complete chaos. The nature of humans before gaining nurtured traits shine through and proves the manner of people being egocentric and uncivilized. When in a whole new state of living with no government or rules people can be self centered. In Lord of the Flies a group of young boys who get trapped on an island take a vote to decide their chief. The boys try to make the way of life on the island how it was back home: civilized and with rules. However, in this short time on the island personalities are developed, Golding writes, “I ought to be chief” said Jack with arrogance” (22). William Golding is portraying to the reader that some people in the word have strong egos and overbearing pride. The novel ties to the real world since…

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