Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essays

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If you were to sit down with any normal boy aged 6-12 and asked them what their desires are, you would get answers along the lines of being a rockstar, or receiving a new toy truck, etcetera. But in the case of the boys in the William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies you would get answers surrounding brutality, survival, and returning to modern society, depending on who among the boys you are asking. In this engaging story you find themes surrounding innocence, societal structure, and even things like dehumanization. But going into these themes there is a question: the conflicts between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform. When examining this question, you find that it is really the source of the boys issue in this book. How are they ever going to get home, or do what they want on this island, without having to make some sacrifices and conform to one of the groups morals or ideologies? And even if they are to decide that, how can they cope with having two leaders, and the power struggle that comes along with that? The answer proven throughout this story is simple: the boys cannot. They are unable to find a balance, resulting in a leader, Jacks, tyranny and ultimately our protagonist Ralphs failure. In the end, it becomes evident that natural desires overpower the want to act as sane boys in modern society.

An essential concept in this book is the loss of innocence through the boys wishing to act like children but wanting to appear as strong men to their…

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