Essay on Lord Of The Fittest, By Herbert Spencer

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1. Comte was the creator and founder of sociology and how we know it today. However he did not do one of the most important parts which is research. While he would ask the question he wouldn’t follow through with the results. Comte wanted to know why we had social order and not chaos,and why once people had their mind set to something why they would follow through. He wanted to know what would cause someone to change course. He wanted to apply the scientific method to today’s social world; this method is known as positivism.

Herbert Spencer who some believed to be the co founder of sociology,;was a major intellectual figure in the Victorian era. He was a proponent of the evolutionary theory titled survival of the fittest. Spencer method was generally speaking, scientific and empirical; it was majorly influenced by the positivism of Comte. "In science the important thing is to modify and change one 's ideas as science advances” A synthetic approach was also one that Spencer used; wanting to show how evidence and the conclusion of sciences are relevant what materially affected the conclusions of things. Spencer argued that evolution could explain the process for which simple things develop. For Spencer, human life was an example of the lengthy process of evolution. In the book Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach Spencer has people put into two different categorize one of higher class he civilized and the other lower the barbarians.

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