Essay on Long Hours At Work : Getting Home Late

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Long hours at work. Getting home late. Struggling to make ends meet. Court dates. These are some of the common issues single parents go through. Single parenthood affects many families in the United States; it is essential to under single parenthood in order to help families that are affected by single parents. Single parent families are very common however it seems that people only to list of the negative affects a single parent family may have on children. Most people are not single parents by choice so these single parents need to be given resources to be able to parent successfully and how to protect their family from these possible negative affects of single parent homes. By using the double ABCX model, one can understand the pre-crisis and post-crisis phrase in regards to single parent homes. This model allows one to determine positive and negative factors that may contribute to family stress. By using these factors one can understand stressors, which can help one, understand appropriate interventions for the family.
Double ABCX Model The Double ABCX Model has 8 steps that are separated into two separate parts. The first part is called the pre-crisis that includes: family stressor event, family resources, family’s perception of situation and crisis. The second section of this model is called post-crisis which includes: pile up of family stress, existing and new resources, redefinition of situation and adaptation over time.
First, the family…

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