Essay on Lone Survivors : How We Came Be The Only Humans Alive?

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Through a paleoanthropological scope, the development of modern humans resulted from a process known as hominization. Modern human beings possess a wide range of extraordinary intricate abilities that reflects the complexity of such process. To decipher the specifics of this ancient past, scientist heavily rely on the fossil record. However, the morphological epistemology has become more and more questionable as new archeological findings arise complicating the picture of human evolution, but this is not the case when it comes to the picture painted by Chris Stringer in his book, Lone Survivors: How we Came to Be the Only Humans Alive. Homo. naledi, a recent addition to the Homo genus supports Stringer’s Out of Africa Theory by aligning with the three aspects of the theory: the origin, coexistence and competition of humans in Africa.
In the article “Homo naledi, a new species of the genus Homo from the Dinaledi Chamber,” published by the eLife Journal Lee R Berger et al. look closely at a new hominin discovery in South Africa. On October 2013 Homo. naledi fossils were found in the treasure trove of the Dinaledi Chamber best known as the Rising Star Cave. The discovery awoke curiosity among many scientists due to its peculiarity. With distinctive features as well as some human-like, and others Australopiths-like features, Homo. naledi till this day remains the largest recovery of hominin specimens in South Africa recorded in the fossil record. Its exact relationship to…

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