Drug Rehabilitation: Common Causes Of Relapse

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Living through drug rehabilitation is a tough, but necessary, experience for many people suffering from addiction. However, the hardest part of recovery isn 't rehabilitation: it 's avoiding relapses. If you have suffered from a relapse, you know the emotional devastation and embarrassment it can cause. Don 't let that stop you from treating you relapse with drug rehabilitation. Rehab can help minimize the damage caused by a relapse and get you back on the road to recovery.
Relapse is Part of a Cycle For many people recovering from addiction, relapse feels like a slap in the face or failure. Many family members and friends may even treat it that way. However, this is a big mistake: relapse is actually part of the “stages of change” model of
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The body simply won 't be used to that level of drug and overdose is likely.
Common Causes of Relapse Relapses are complex problems that often have a multitude of influences. Many are exterior influences i.e. those that exist beyond the physical and emotional control of the person recovering from addiction. Common causes of drug relapses include:
Continued association with people who use drugs or who have sold drugs in the past
Presence in places where drugs were commonly used
Physical pain, whether brought on by withdrawal symptoms or separate
Increased negative emotions, such as anger, guilt, anxiety, and depression
Positive feelings that trigger the “celebratory” use of drugs
Complacency or the belief that drug addiction is no longer a threat or a concern The last cause is particularly shattering: many people recovering from addiction fail to realize or ignore the fact that addiction is a lifelong problem. Even if they go through rehabilitation, live through withdrawal, completely detoxify their body, and eliminate emotional addiction triggers, addiction never truly goes

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