Little Red Riding Hood Essay

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Numerous short stories have been written throughout time, some are just for our imagination and entertainment; however, some of them are for teaching life lessons. The story Little Red Riding Hood was written partly to teach a lesson. In the French version, a young girl loses her virginity and is said to have “seen a wolf” that is what this story is based on. Little Red Riding Hood is about an innocent little girl who runs in to a wolf in the forest while she is on her way to her grandmother’s house.

Her grandmother being ill, her mother had baked a cake and a pot of butter hoping that it would make her feel better; however, while Little Red Riding Hood was taking her the food to her grandmother is when she met the wolf in the forest
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W. 2010). The information already given about a girl losing their virginity and seeing the wolf, this is the most obvious form of symbolism in the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. The symbols used in the story are her “red hood” that was given to her by her mother and the “woods or forest” that she needs to walk through, to get to her grandmother’s house where she lives on the other side of the village. The red hood that was given to her symbolizes the adulthood of women. At the time this story was written, red was often a symbol for love, life, passion and maturity. Since she wore a cloak of red, it became a symbol of her innocence and entering adulthood. The woods Little Red Riding Hood went through symbolizes that we should not talk to strangers. The plot of the story is about a young beautiful girl that needs to go through the woods to her grandma’s house. On her way to her grandma’s house, she encounters a wolf and starts talking to him. She tells the wolf exactly where she is going, and this sets the wolf off in the same direction as her. After the wolf eats the young girl’s grandma, he waits for the young girl to eat her. At the end of the short story, she climbs into bed with the wolf giving the wolf the opportunity to eat her. According to our reading, “Plot is a dynamic element in fiction, a sequence of interrelated, conflicting actions and events that typically build to a climax and bring about a resolution” (Clugston R.W.

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