Essay about Literature Review : Poverty Reduction Strategies

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Over the past years, Governments in underdeveloped and developing countries in Africa and Latin America together with their development partners have examined and utilized a variety of alternative remedies geared towards alleviating poverty, especially the incidence of rural poverty (T.S. Jayne 2003).
Key stakeholders in developing nations have over the years implemented a number of development strategies geared towards bettering the lives of the poor and vulnerable in society.
Jayne et al argue that despite the fact that strategic plans for poverty reduction have been prepared since the late 1990s, by some African Governments with support from the World Bank, the unique role land plays in rural poverty is still not given much attention in these strategies. They emphasize that consequential discussions of poverty alleviation must be firmly embedded within the context of prevailing farm size distribution patterns as they believe that failure to do this would stall any attempts at tackling poverty head-on.
By the formulation of the MDGs, poverty has taken centre stage as far as developmental issues are concerned, this has also whipped up the interest and political will to address the problem and find lasting solutions at mitigating its harsh effects. This phenomenon according to Discoll and Alison brought the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) at the core of development assistance (Discoll Ruth & Alison…

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