Literature And The Great Works Of Literature Essay example

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We are surrounded by literature on a regular basis and it approaches us in many ways and forms. Often literature is presented to us as a series of words that simply fill the pages, words that contain deeper meaning which requires our own interpretations. Plato once though that books were not only “for mindless pleasure but an aid to bringing the soul-circuit, when it had gotten out of tune, into order and harmony with itself.” It is known that the great works of literature have had an overreaching impact as through literature we can gain the experience form another person’s point of view and see the world from the protagonists’ or narrator’s eyes. Biblotherapy is considered a break-through due to its treatment for those suffering depression. The simplicity of the idea that literature has the ability to spark interest is immense as we can always look for more answers. In essence, whether you are reading a fairytale to a juvenile or unravelling the more difficult theories of Aristotle, there is always some knowledge, experience or idea that literature can pass on to us.
Through any piece of literature, we are fortunate to have the ability to learn from it and gain new perspectives. With literature readily available to us, a reader can be braced with the opportunity to see the world from another’s perspective. Texts from the past remind us of the human condition, everlasting human truths and themes in which we can still learn from today. Through reading we get to see the world…

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