Literature And Poetry Through The Ages Essay

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Literature and Poetry through the Ages
Time, the very catalyst foreseeing countless composers through the ages shape their work in accordance to the values, traditions and themes of the society in which they existed and for a select few whose work typify their given societies era. Key poetic eras and their most notable poets will be addressed throughout this analytical response with not only reference to the era in which they lived but also on the influence of the given era on their work. Washington Irving, Emily Brontë and T.S Eliot are all composers which typify their unique poetic and literary era’s whilst maintaining a standard of work allowing them to be deemed today as a truly remarkable composer.
“I am always at a loss at how much to believe of my own stories,” Washington Irving, one of Americans first and finest Romanic Era (1800-1850) writers whose work was the very pinnacle of this movement and encapsulates the influence an era can have on the work of the individual. In 1820 Washington Irving published his most famous work, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow which explores the story of Ichabod Crane and his unfortunate attempts to win the heart and hand of Katrina Van Tassel in the context of a comical supernatural tale. This work incorporates ideas and themes that eventuate into hallmarks of the Romantic Movement, primarily, the embracing of individualism and the literal addiction to supernatural concepts. Although this work is the very embodiment of what this era…

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