Literature And Definitions Of Leadership Essay

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Literature and Definitions of Leadership Bernotavicz, McDaniel, Brittain, and Dickinson (2013) explained that there is no one-way to define leadership and that there was not a leadership definition to rule them all. The authors did explain that there were similar points throughout the main definitions of leadership. The first point included that leaders should be trustworthy, have integrity, genuine, and transparent. Second, leadership goes beyond an inherent gift, but rather leadership is learned. Next, leadership and management coexist as one. Fourth, leadership does not equal the head of a company, but can be in all job levels. Fifth, leadership cannot function without having other individuals following the leadership. Another point was that change and security should to be balanced. Lastly, leadership can be learned and improved by each individual. According to Austin, Regan, Gothard, Carnochan (2013), defined leadership by explaining that when switching from a service position to management position, there is a vast change in the individual as a whole. The authors stated that there was a framework, which included emerging becoming, acting, and thriving, as the four elements need to move from a service role to a management role. This definition is comprised of elements that embody the service provider as a whole; it is not just a job difference, but also an identity adjustment. Leaders need to be able to work with a team, lead the team, push to reach the goals, and…

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