Essay on Literary Theory : Feminism And Feminism

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Seth Pyrtle
English 4 AP
2 October, 2014

Literary Theory: Feminism

Feminism is in our culture whether it should be relevant or not. Elements of all branches of feminism are not only in our everyday culture in the mainstream media, social media, and even our classic literature that we read as insight to what our society was like beforehand. This describes two branches of feminism and they relate to the classic novel The Scarlet Letter. The branches that will be talked about are French feminism and Radical feminism. The idea of feminism bloomed around the enlightenment era but is different than how we think of feminism overall today. It was a view that consisted of women and men being exact equals and it was an idea that was actually brought about by men who thought women were oppressed and deserved more opportunities. Some of the first labeled feminists were ironically male basically. In the 1800s the idea of feminism was a “proper” role in society. A woman had to act like a lady, she was held to a higher standard and acted lady-like. Later in the 1800s, women started taking action and began seeing that men and women should be held at equal standards. Women came together, they created groups to help change the “misogynist legislation.” In the 1900s, women’s rights movements really started coming about in the U.S. Women began fighting for their rights of better working conditions, equal opportunities, and their right to vote. Feminism had basically one the fight…

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