Literary Comparison Between Robinson Crusoe And The Adventures Of Arthur Gordon Pym

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Literacy in contemporary societies of RC and TNAGP
The literary comparison between Robinson Crusoe and The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym is one that has been of interest for many years. The two stories weave narratives of ill-fated seafarers and their misadventures that befall them on both land and sea. The literary dialogues are both very similar, they feature a main protagonist who is driven out to sea by the need to seek adventure. They are both met with misfortune at every turn and in the process they must contend with questions of their own faith, morality, and existence. Robinson Crusoe, being the earlier book, bears a great influence on The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym(TNAGP). Many aspects of Daniel Defoe’s writing style permeate into TNAGP, for example, a portion of the book serves as a journal to catalog the activities of the main character’s everyday life is in both Robinson Crusoe and TNAGP. I find that the most intriguing part of the two stories is that they are overwhelmingly about the disasters and set backs of the two adventurers. Both Crusoe and Pym are met with trials and tribulations at every opportunity and the way the two cope is also of a similar manner.
Aside from the intrinsically intriguing aspect of adventure on the high sea and the excitement of a constant barrage of misfortune why are these two books so fraught with calamity? Nobody would argue that it would be a truly boring novel if all that occurred was fair seas and successful trade…

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