Literary Analysis of the Surgeon as Priest Essay

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The doctor worked in a godlike manner. Richard Selzer uses 1st person perspective in his narrative essay “The Surgeon as Priest”. No other doctor could understand the patient’s illness; it would take more then a doctor to solve this mystery. Opening with the description of the day Yeshi Dhonden is to “make the rounds” and describing Dhonden as an “emissary from the gods” the author sets the scene for the remarkable medical feat he was about to witness. He explains the room the “clutch of whitecoats” were waiting in by using phrases like “ill- concealed dubiety” and “suspicion of bamboozlement” to describe what the air in the room was “heavy” with. Ending the introduction by giving a physical description of Yeshi Dhonden the author …show more content…
The patient then touches the place on here wrist that he had held in an effort to “recapture” the connection between the two. The author uses this imagery to portray that although the two shared no words they established a connection that even the patient felt. Although the examination is over, however, the author explains what happens in the conference room. As Dhonden begins to speak the author explains that him speaking and his translator concurrently

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