Literary Analysis : ' The Moose ' By Ogden Nash Essay

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From Shakespeare to South Park, the exaggeration of humorous situations through satire invites the audience first to laugh, then to think. Rallying against everything from the bills on his desk to the wasps in their nest, Ogden Nash’s satirical and witty lampooning of middle American existence thrilled a nation. In my four poems, The Moose, Someone Needs A Vacation, Only A Stranger Could Love, and We Solve ‘Cos We Have To, I attempt to imitate what Anthony Burgess wrote, (in Nashian style himself,) was “quite inimitable.” However, through careful attention to style and content, I believe I have successfully mimicked the enduring and humorous light verse of Ogden Nash.
Over the course of his entire literary career, with few exceptions, Ogden Nash stuck true to an incredibly definitive and trade markedly Nashian style of satirical poetry. While some criticize Nash for essentially repeating the same “structural jest for over 40 years,” I commend him for his impressive readability on the satirization of daily American life. Under the undeniably funny and endearing guise of the “poet-fool,” as Crandell writes, Nash is able to giddily observe all that is around him and reveal “a foible or moral weakness characteristic of human nature in general.” For example, in The Stork, Nash innocently states that “From long descriptions I have heard / I guess this creature is a bird. / I’ve nothing else of him to say, / Except I wish he’d go away.” Behind the mask of the willfully ignorant…

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