Limitations Of Crime Essay

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In this essay, I will assess the different methods used to measure criminal activity, as well as their effectiveness and limitations. I will be looking to history in order to better understand and compare today 's ways of counting crimes and transforming them into statistics. I will also be questioning the various definitions of crime and what they entail across different cultures.

Before going into detail about how effectively crime can be measured and evaluated, I would first like to mention that the term can be interpreted in different ways across different parts of the world, as I elaborate in one of the further paragraphs. However, in Western societies, I believe that crime can be defined in two ways: on a legislative level (the more formal and realistic approach) and on an overall social level (informal, idealistic). The former, as Morrison (2013: 16) states, is „an act or omission that leads to penal sanction in accordance with the constitutionally valid procedures of that nation state“. The latter, however, is more difficult to define, but I would
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Supporters of the bombings used the excuse that they were necessary in order to end WWII swiftly and thus save more lives. The United States of America, whose soldiers dropped the atomic bombs, never faced a human rights trial. In that respect, the murder of approximately 340,000 people went unpunished; in the eyes of international law, it was not recognised as a war crime until 2007 in the International Peoples ' Tribunal On the Dropping of Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2007(Unknown author, 2007). Following that tribunal, the US Government refused to pay compensation to the victims and their families, nor would it apologise (Iliopoulos,

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