Light Up A New Age Essay

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Persuasive Research Paper (Draft)


Light Up a New Age

The tobacco companies engage in the distribution of tobacco and tobacco related products. Among many people, tobacco is one of the most addictive substances in the world, and it 's used and distributed nation wide. But is the age they are distributing to at such a young age, really appropriate? Varying by country, the minimum age to use tobacco products enables minors such as eighteen year old children to use tobacco products at their own will without any complications. Some tobacco companies explain that eighteen year old minors are eligiable to smoke because they are that that age where they are almost and adult and it 's okay.

Others say that if they are old enough to fight in the military, their old enough to smoke. But now, social society points out that we should raise the age to use tobacco products to 21. This is because of medical costs, health issues, and young adults overusing tobacco products. However, those who do use tobacco products say that raising the age to 21 isn 't the brightest idea because so many young adults are already addicted at the age we view today. Put out the cigarette, spit out the chew, and light up you 're brain for some new information based on this claim.

“Raising the legal minimum age for cigarette purchaser to 21 could gut our key young adult market (17-20) …” – Philip Morris report,…

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