Light And Evil In Macbeth Analysis

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William Shakespeare’s Macbeth play is one of the most famous and popular works in this day and era. One that talks about many different themes that contrast with each other and are represented by different uses of imagery such as light and darkness, and good vs evil. In this play, William Shakespeare uses many different forms of imagery to represent these different themes such as looks can be deceiving, which can be shown from things like the apparitions, you shouldn 't let your ambitions run wild, like Macbeth who let his ambitions take over until his demise, and everyone has the capability to do evil, like Macduff who killed Macbeth for revenge after he killed Macduff’s family.

One of the more basic yet strong themes shown in Macbeth is
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Lady Macbeth spurs him and says how he is unmanly and a coward. She then continues to talk about the plan again and how Macbeth should be acting. “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.” (I, v, 72-73). Macbeth is told to act how he normally would (innocent and loyal) but to be like a serpent underneath the mask and hide your intentions by being patient and sneaky. This allows him to keep the trust he had already built with everyone at the banquet, and in the end, deceive them.
Finally, in act five, scene two of the play, Angus Menteith, Caithness, and Lennox talk about Macbeth and how they are ready to fight and kill him in battle “Now does he feel his title hang loose around him, like a giants robe upon a dwarfish thief.” (V, ii, 23-25). Angus talks about how Macbeth’s title does not suit him, and how his guilt is making Macbeth himself realize it as well. He had done his job well before, hiding his murders, planning ahead along with Lady Macbeth, but now, he is becoming sloppy and is starting to reveal his true colours. He got all this way just to have swords pointed towards his
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“So is he mine, and in such bloody distance, that every minute of his being thrusts against my near’st of life”. (III, i, 128-130). Macbeth talks about how Banquo is also his enemy, and that with their bloody relationship, every minute that he is alive slowly rips his heart. Macbeth fears him and wants to kill him and Fleance to prevent Banquo’s son(s) and descendants from being king. His ambitions have not only led him to be even more deadly and ruthless then before, but have also caused him to have nightmares whenever he sleeps, or think

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