Life Struggles That Come With Obesity Essay

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Life Struggles That Come With Obesity Obesity is a huge issue in the United States; and understanding obesity, the effects it has, and the issues an individual can develop is an important factor in finding a cure for obesity. Many young and older people struggle with this life-threatening disease. Genetics and food addiction play a large part in becoming obese. There are many risk factors that come along with obesity. These include diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Fortunately, there are many natural and even unnatural ways to cure obesity.
For some cultures, Obesity is seen as desirable. However, there is evidence that obesity causes over three hundred thousand deaths that are preventable each year. Obesity is the root to many chronic diseases. Even if the usual high blood pressure or cholesterol are not present, people with obesity have a risk of having MI or even a stroke. Studies show that if obese people have a normal metabolic profile, they may not have to face a risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. However, even if a healthy metabolic profile is not present, having a BMI greater than 30 for 10 years or more raises the risk of cardiovascular disease or even death by a quarter (Nutrition 1).
Obesity is excessive fat in relation to the lean body mass. There are different categories in this disease. They 're broken down into subdivisions of mild, moderate, and morbid obesity. These classifications are not…

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