Sylvia Plath Biography Essay

The Life of Sylvia Plath (1932-1963)
The American poet, Sylvia Plath, is considered one of the most highly regarded writers of the 20th century. Her poems are described as “intensely autobiographical, they explore her own mental anguish, her troubled marriage to fellow poet Ted Hughes, her unresolved conflicts with her parents, and her own vision of herself” (“Sylvia Plath”). Struggling with depression and mental anguish, she desperately tried to overcome obstacles in her own consciousness and coexist with the realization of her distress. Creatively she exhibited her emotions and feelings throughout her work, in which she unfortunately left her mark in the poetic world.
Sylvia was born on October 27th, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts to parents Otto and Aurelia Plath (Middlebrook). She has a younger brother, Warren Plath, born on April 27th, 1935. Her life of misery began when her father sadly died on November 5th, 1940 due to complications of diabetes. He had been sick for years, but avoided seeking treatment because he was afraid of being diagnosed with cancer. When he stubbed his toe in August 1940, doctors diagnosed him with very advanced diabetes.
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The first attempt occurred when she overdosed on sleeping pills in 1953. Her next suicidal pursuit took place in June 1962 when she purposely drove her car into a river (Kirk). Her third and final attempt was successful. On the morning of February 11th, 1963, Sylvia set out bread and milk in both of her children’s bedrooms. She also cracked a window open in their rooms and put wet cloths underneath their doors. Plath then sealed herself in the kitchen, knelt in front of the open oven, turned the gas on for the stove, and sadly placed her head inside of it (Mondragon). She unfortunately died of carbon monoxide poisoning at the young age of thirty (Ingalls). Plath’s world had become too much for her to

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