Essay about Life Is Full Of Stress

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Life is full of stress. According to Daniel Kirsch, Ph.D., president of the American Institute of stress, stress includes all psychological, physiological, and behaviors that how people react to their difficult situations (Lifer, 2013). There are many reasons that cause stress: work pressures, family issues, exams, …and everyone copes with stress differently, so the impacts of that are not the same for anyone as well. However, not all stresses are unhealthy. In some ways, stress brings many advantages to people, especially eustress. Eustress is a type of the positive short-term stress. Eustress is a term coined by Hans Selye, who writes about the impact on the mind and body. Eustress keeps life more excited and meaningful. While some people are trying to live in stress-free life, choosing to deal with eustress can be more reasonable, because it helps to boost brainpower, motivates people to succeed, and makes people more resilient. There are some researches demonstrating that eustress improve memory and . “Light amounts of stress are known to stimulate the production of brain chemicals called neurotrophins; in doing so, these chemicals are able to strengthen the connections had among the neurons in the brain. These chemicals play a large roll in the effect that intense exercise has on the body” (Dominic,2014). Eustress also helps raise memory. In 2013, at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, researchers found that working memory in…

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