Life Is All About Balance Essay

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Life is all about balance; in the human body, survival is all about maintaining homeostasis or maintaining an equilibrium that allows survival. This same principle holds true to human’s relationship with the environment. A current look at the relationship with the environment is depicted perfectly in the children’s book The Giving Tree. In this short book it explained how nature provides enough for all of us, but we are not paying attention to how much damage we are doing to the nature in the process. The boy in the short story was not aware of the balance that needed to be maintained and learns an important lesson. This disregard and selfish utilization of the environment was not always as such. For example, in Smith’s novel A Land Remembered, we get a glimpse of a time in which true homeostasis was maintained and when people lived with a certain respect and appreciation of nature.

While reading A Land Remembered we dive into a time period in which technology was obsolete and everything rooted from utilizing the environment. For this reason, people had a much greater appreciation for the environment. For example, in the story there is a popular belief that land is not to be owned by any one person but to be shared by everyone as everyone needs it for survival. This belief is especially evident in a scene where Zech asks Tobias “Pappa, who owns all this land out here (Smith 87).” Tobias responds to his son by saying that the lord owns the land and that it was put for…

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