My Father Changed My Life-Personal Narrative

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My life changed forever when I was thirteen, my father died.

The day was January 12, 1990. It was cold outside, everything was gray. There was a light frost on the ground. I woke up earlier than usual with an urgency to go home. I had stayed the night with my best friend, even though it was a school night. The schools in the parish were all closed due to a flu epidemic, everyone seemed to be sick. I was in the eighth grade and welcomed the break. Somehow I had lucked out and was not ill. The night before I had begged my dad to go stay with my best friend Jennifer. He had reluctantly given in to me. He was not feeling well and had had a hard day at work. I gathered my things and ran out the door, I didn’t bother to tell my dad bye or that I loved him. As I got in the car with my mom to go to Jennifer’s I realized I hadn’t said those words to him, but thought it would be ok, I would say it next time. That cold morning when I woke up, my dad
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She moved us to Pineville. She married this man and we moved into his house. I was still in high school and would give my mom hell everyday about going. I had developed insomnia I would stay awake all night sometimes. After my uncle died, I became very depressed and started having anxiety attacks. I thought I was going to die. I started having to do these little rituals at night before I could go to bed, think of certain images, do certain patterns of things like crossing myself or I thought something bad was going to happen. I started going to a psychiatrist and then a counselor. I was put on a lot of medication, but my mom ended up flushing that all down the toilet because she thought I was going to kill myself with it. I quit school my junior year. I was trying to give my mom any kind of trouble I could to make her as miserable as I was. It didn’t work. I went back to school and repeated the 11th grade and graduated in ’95 instead of

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