Life During The Great Depression Essay examples

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Life during the Great Depression was terribly hard for most Americans and the gap between those that “have” and those that “have-not”. Unemployment during 1932 rose from 5 million to a shocking 13 million by year end. The state of North Carolina was primarily rural, and therefore one that would feel the greatest sufferings. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would offer comfort by introducing what would be called “The New Deal”, in an effort to put people back to work and strengthen a very depressed nation. It was introduced in two phases and would touch and reach the entire country. Rutherford and surrounding North Carolina counties would be touched by the changes and offerings, but would they be the answer for the unemployed, starving and homeless, and would they be a benefit for the future growth of the great state. The emphasis would be on the farmers and the textile industry which had been their greatest markets. In September of 1936, President Roosevelt himself passed through Rutherford County with thousands of people lining up along the road sides just to see him. The Americans needed inspiration and they needed hope in what seemed the darkest economical tragedy the country had ever seen. Franklin Delano Roosevelt began his presidency by creating the “New Deal”, which would unfold in two parts; Phase I, or the First New Deal, would span from 1933 to 1934, and Phase II, or the Second New Deal from 1935 to 1939. Roosevelt’s new programs would attempt to provide…

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