Life Changing Experience: My Life Changing Experience

My life changing experience

Have you ever had a time where you are put in a group that changed your life? I am the assistant senior patrol leader in my boy scout troop in other words I am in charge of the troop(made up of 50 boys ages 17 down to age 11) when my senior patrol leader(who is like the ceo of boy scouts) is absent or asks me to do the duty of leader . The objective of the boy scouts is to teach leadership and responsibility in life. over the years I have went from being little irresponsible kid to being a slightly more responsible teen then came that fateful day that has forever changed me in many ways.

it was just a normal day at scouts”calm down Colin , don 't play with the lighter” “Ethan put the scout down!” and just as I
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but I packed like a boy scout, prepared for the worst but hoping for the best was what I was thinking so I brought all my rain gear and my cold weather gear.I proceeded closed my duffel bag and loaded up into the …show more content…
After awhile people started doing things on their own in a good way they would gather firewood and get the water ready etc. the adults began to notice that my patrol was working like a well oiled machine but they couldn 't figure out who was responsible for the success. then came the outpost hike a mile hike from camp up to a spot that your patrol finds via gps we set up camp and just started playing cards and hanging out with the other patrols and there was no adult supervision but towards the end of the night one of the guys in my troop began to develop blurred vision so I decided to walk him down to the med shack so after walking a mile down the the named shack we met another guy from a different patrol who was having a bloody nose again this was his 4 one in the week due to medication he was taking for his diabetes after waiting down there for an hour I walked them both back to the outpost but upon our arrival the diabetic guy got yet another bad bloody nose so him and I walked all the way back to the shack where we stayed for another 2 hours then he finally said he

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