An Analysis Of Leon Trotsk According To Dante Aligheri's Inferno '

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According to Dante Aligheri’s Inferno a person must do something good in life to go to heaven in death. Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, or as he is most often known as, Leon Trotsky deserves to go to one of the levels of hell. And based upon Aligheri’s criteria Trotsky belongs in circle nine, the bottom level of hell where traitors go and where Satan resides despite his divorce from Aleksandra Sokolovskaya for his lover Natalia Ivanova Sedova which would place him in circle two, the circle for the carnal. However Trotsky specifically belongs in the Antenora region of circle nine where the traitors of political parties and, or their countries go to in death. Leon Trotsky was born Lev Davodovich Bronshtein on November 7, 1879 to Jewish farmers David …show more content…
You, whose words have impact on many, refuse to act for those who need it. You could incite war, you could save lives,” the man snarled he began struggling and it was only then that I noticed the man’s icy binds. The man’s body was incased in ice and as he growled and cursed at us a realized that this soul deserved no pity. “How can war save lives,” Virgil questioned coldly. “Peace can only come from war,” the man, Leon, coughed. “You arrogant fool, do you truly believe that war will bring peace? War brings only death and if you think that death causes peace then you are truly insane,” my guide cried out in anger. “Why are you here,” I asked him, my rage barely contained. “I am in this room because I spoke the truth. An idiotic man, who did not believe in the truth of a world revolution, usurped my position. I was abandoned my political party, a party who I helped seize power from those retched Romanovs. I am in this room because it was I who was betrayed, but does the Lord agree. Nyet, the Lord would rather believe that I was the villain instead of the hero. Few saw the truth of my words and those who did will continue my work while I reside in this barren wasteland. I escaped the hell of my Siberian imprisonment twice, I can escape here,” the man laughed a psychotic

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