The Function Of Fortune In Shakespeare's Inferno

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Kirsten Pace
Dr. Rutenberg
Western Civilization
24 October 2016
The Seventh Level In the book, Dante The Divine Comedy Volume 1: Inferno, it has a main character named Dante who’s journey through Hell is the focus of the book. Throughout the book you see Dante’s journey throughout many different levels of Hell. He has a guide that takes him through the levels of Hell as a tour guide his name is Virgil. Virgil and Dante approach the seventh level of Hell in the chapter Canto VII, this is the forth circle of their progressing journey through Hell. This part of the journey focuses on wealth and fortune, and resembles many things of the era it was written. Fortune was many men’s greatness and downfall, after this experience Dante forms his opinion on the controversial topic of Fortune. Dante has just left the third circle of Hell where he encountered the Gluttons. Dante shows seems fearful but Virgil prompts him that all is well. Upon approaching the fourth circle they encounter the Plutus the god of wealth, they also encounter angry souls who are stuck due to their concern with earthly material items. People who were selfish and stock piled their wealth throughout there living life
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