Essay about Liberal Absolutism And The American Presidency

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Liberal Absolutism, Liberal Constitutionalism, and the American Presidency
The objective of this paper is to firstly, compare and contrast the Hobbesian notion of liberal absolutism with Lockean liberal constitutionalism and secondly, elucidate how these similarities and differences impact the American presidency. I will begin by explicating liberal absolutism and liberal constitutionalism and then proceed to articulate their points of similarity and difference. I will the iterate how the differences and similarities impact the way we understand the American Presidency. I will show that liberal absolutism and constitutionalism can linger into the role of the president, I will specifically look to the case of the Whiskey Rebellion to show this. In other words, even though there is a constitution, the president has power that can resemble the power of a sovereign. I will provide a possible objection to my thesis. This objection comes from George Washington.
Hobbesian Liberal Absolutism Thomas Hobbes defended the idea of an absolutist government in his piece Leviathan. In order to understand his notion of an absolutist government, I must first articulate his understanding of the state of nature. The state of nature can be understood as the condition in which people lived prior to establish a government or society (Leviathan, 150-1). For Hobbes the state of nature is a condition where everyone is equal and posses a “natural right” to act as they please (Leviathan, 151).…

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