Essay on Let America Be America By Langston Hughes

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When people think of America as a country, the first thing that might come to mind is the idea of free will and opportunity. However, the United States is not the sanctuary it claims to be. The values of the U.S do not necessarily coincide with its history of oppression, slavery, racism and sexism. Langston Hughes’ poem Let America Be America Again eloquently exposes a trap disguised as a haven. America is not what it seems to be because it is not true to its said values. The land of freedom and opportunity and America being the ideal country for equality seemed to clash with its reputable history of doing the exact opposite. Its these reoccurring problems in different forms such as slavery, racism and sexism that prove this and the fact that 1% of the population achieve the “American Dream.” It is fair to say that the very first Americans used their freedom to take away the freedom and rights of others they believed to be inferior to them. No line showcases this better than, ”And torn from black Africa’s strand I came / 'To build a homeland of the free '". (5-6) The U.S was founded on the concept that all men have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet somehow this belief did not pertain to Africans, Native Americans nor women as well. The U.S is often referred to as the land of the free because the immigrants that emigrated to it came seeking freedom and opportunity. However in lines 5-6, a man is being taken away from his home,…

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