Lessons From The Vietnam War Essay

1083 Words May 10th, 2016 5 Pages
For more than 30 years America had been involved with Vietnam, but in those 30 years they turned to suffering for the Vietnamese, Americans and many more countries. The fighting lasted for 8 years and was primarily fought in Vietnam where land, air, and water battles took place. Bombings, chemicals, and killing turned into a game for many soldiers which led to lasting suffering even after the war ended. Once the war was over, America had just finished their most unsuccessful war to date. That time gave America important lessons to be learned from the many erroneous things that had been done. Learning from the mistakes made are crucial for America if the country wants to win another war in the future. Many lessons were learned from the war such as making sure checks and balances are ensured and that we shouldn’t try to fix everything, as it had a lasting negative impact and will hurt America more than it will help. America learned many lessons from the Vietnam war including realizing that all three branches should be involved when making war decisions. After Congress issued the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, it gave the president authority to do almost whatever he wanted in land around Vietnam as long as it helped the United States win. The resolution gave the president almost no boundaries on what he could do, as he didn 't have to ask Congress, or any other branch, for approval of what he was doing. Because each branch did not monitor what the President did, not only…

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