Lesbian Feminism And Separatism By Anne Valk

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In today’s society, a lesbian existence is a concept many would not bat an eyelash at. However, throughout history, lesbianism was not always a casual topic. With the start of the sexual revolution in the 1960s, a lesbian experience was much more than sexual desire - it was a political statement made by lesbian and radical feminists seeking a new, feminist sexuality devoid of oppression and heterosexual relationships. Society often views lesbians as women who were defined solely by how they are erotically charged; yet, during the peak of the sexual revolution, lesbianism was far more than just a sexual preference. In Lesbian Feminism and Separatism by Anne Valk, she explores how a 1960s feminists group, the Furies, viewed lesbianism as the only means to become free, liberated women. In fact, she states, “lesbian feminism …show more content…
In simpler terms, lesbian feminism allowed women to reject the oppressive nature of a heteronormative society while forming their own all-inclusive, lesbian society. Many feminists believed men were the sole oppressors in society; thus, during the sexual revolution, women focused their goals for liberation through women’s love for one another. Feminists philosophize that until “women see in each other the possibility of a primary commitment which includes sexual love, they will be denying themselves the love and value they readily accord to men, thus affirming their second-class status” (Valk 141). In other words, women could not

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